The Argonnessen Prophecies

Breaching the Frostborn Ruins
We shall hold the line, Primo Victoria!

As the Order of the Crimson Ring rose from the depths, they found themselves faced with a large door, inlaid with runes of frost. Holding back the Gates of Hell, We secure our seats in Heaven, We shall hold the line, Primo Victoria Knowing that this must be a structure that housed the Gates of Madness, they used the Shardkey to open the gates, exposing something that appeared to be a large Dwarven ruin.

Venturing in to explore, the group was accosted by a group of “crazy double goblin ninjas,” or Dolgrim. Fighting back the disgusting aberrant beings and their undead pet hands, the group managed to activate the Dwarforged, Warforged-like beings that seemed to have been created by the Frostborn in their image. From them, they learned that they would need to go to the Depth Tower to access the Gate of Madness, where their creators had sealed themselves in an effort to prevent the Aberrations from escaping.

On the way, the party diverted themselves into a jail, finding the corpse of what seemed to be a Jorasco scion, further reinforced by the discovery of armor that was undoubtably of House Jorasco origin. Puzzled by this discovery (and wondering why Gelatinous Cubes were housed inside of a jail, the party moved on…

Right into a trap. It seemed that dolgrim and dolgaunts had set up camp within the Depth Tower in an attempt to secure it and be able to open it upon some type of signal… or something. It’s hard to understand what dolgrim and dolgaunt are talking about with their mad babbling. After defeating these defenders, the party set up for a night’s rest, wanting to be ready for their trek into Belashyra’s lair, and wondering about Prometheus, the supposed Guardian of the Gate…

A Dryads and Eels and Bears, oh My!

Having made their way back to camp from collecting Dragonshards and making sure the encampment was secure, the Crimson Ring began to venture out to the east, following up a rumor they had heard about the spring supposedly lying somewhere to the east.

Near the end of their first day, they were attacked by a frost dryad, angered by their trespass into her lands. After the party defeated a living snow cyclone that she had harnessed as well as nearly killing her, Edgar gave her an ultimatum: stop her attack and they would save her life. She agreed, putting herself into debt for the actions of the group. She agreed to guide the group to the Spring of Bastinor, or, rather, as far as she could lead them without crossing what she called the barrier. Not fully trusting the dryad, who had changed her shape to that of a comely elf, the group suggested Osiris take first watch, as he could rest alert. The rest of the group awoke to find the dryad smiling and Osiris smoking a fat cigar. Leading the group the rest of the way to the spring, she took her leave, telling them “I now have what I want.”

Once the group began investigating, they saw exactly what she meant about the barrier: somehow, inside of the cave the spring was in, there was a large rock that had a strange magical property: the closer water got to it, the hotter it got, until the water completely evaporated into steam. After taking some painstaking measures to lift the rock out, the cave began to fill up with the magical water of the spring of Bastinor.

After a brief disagreement on what to do with the rock, the Order decided to take it back to the village. Unfortunately, a rock that melts snow has a bit of unintended consequences when driving through the Frostfel. Fighting off a pair of dire bears whose home they accidentally melted, and then collecting their newly born cubs and finishing their journey.

After spending a bit of time to recuperate, the group then set back out to the Bastinor spring, diving into the depths to see what else they could find. After encountering a few dangerous and very feisty electrical eels, the group discovered a body of an orc, decomposed entirely into a skeleton, as well as the treasure she was carrying. Rising from the water, they were greeted by the sight of a massive door in the distance, inscribed with Dwarven runes…

Frostfell Preparations

After watching Osris nearly drop The Ball during Gygax’s ritual to find the resonance point, the adventurers learned that the Shardkey had some sort of link to the Frostfell. Osiris then learned from his contacts that there was a piece of Draconic Prophecy that dealt with the Frostfell:

The lack of civilization in the north will herald the opening of the gates of madness. The old keepers long dead, the frostborn will pledge their allegiance to Belashyrra and his kin. For no city stands, and none shall stand, where the Eyes of Belashyrra turn.

Realizing that the Prophecy seemed to indicate that the absence of civilization might be needed for the “gates of madness” to be opened, the newly-named Order of the Crimson Ring formulated a plan: they would take the Shardkey to the frozen wastes of the Frostfell, and investigate the Prophecy, attempting to prevent whatever Belashyrra (whatever it might be) was attempting to accomplish.

However, they needed a ship, and money as well. Approaching Steel Trueheart, the group agreed to have him attempt to find a crew that would be willing to brave the dangers of the Frostfell, and went to hunt down Traven d’Lyrandar, captain of the elemental galleon Drowned Mistress. Coming to his rescue after a group of gnoll mercenaries attempted to exact revenge for his freeing a slave shipment, Traven agreed to use the trip as a way of laying low from Daask, as well as acquiring treasure.

Following one of Liandra’s leads, the Crimson Ring then moved on to meet the movers and shakers of the Sixty, who would be present for the Debutante’s Ball for her little sister Rachel. Immediately seeking out the most important man in the room, they were able to win his favor by, y’know, preventing an assassination attempt against him. After working the crowd a bit more, Finn was able to get some House Jorasco backing, and a member of the Aurum would help with some backing on the condition that he would be allowed to come with them.

Spending the next two months getting the ship, crew, and supplies ready,Edgar and Liandra celebrated the event with a formal ceremony of the Battle Brothers, giving each member of the Order a ring by which to actually show their membership.

Riding the Lightning Rail to Stormholme, the party had an auspicious event occur when their train was a target of a terrorist attack by the Order of the Emerald Claw, who were attempting to both rob and destroy the lightning rail. After dealing with most, but not all of the terrorists, the party finally arrived in Stormholme, ready to begin their journey into the Frozen North…

Undercity again...

Recovering from their night fighting a colossal mechanical dragon in an operahouse, the party awoke within the Willowy Goat to find Steel Trueheart awaiting them. He presented himself as the founder of the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild, and asked if the intrepid group would like to join their ranks. After being politely declined, he left on good terms, leaving the group to prepare for their expedition into the Undercity in search of the Cannith Workshop.

Meeting with Liandra and Rachel, they were introduced to their guide, Kevin Rethor d’Cannith, who was tasked with getting the party safely to the cannith workshop. However, his brave front quickly lead to peed robes when a pair of cave fishers and kruthiks attacked the party, dangling the Halfing and the Rogue as if they were a nice tasty treat.

Fending off the attack, the party was able to safely navigate the rest of the way to the Cannith Workshop, until they came across bodies of Karrnathi soldiers. Which, Edgar poked with a stick. Cue undead. Luckily, for some reason the undead were all just lying down, so the party made quick work of the sorry lot, wondering what Karrnathi zombies, especially remotely-controlled ones, were doing in the depths of Sharn. With a Beshyk weapon. With orders to retrieve dragonshards from the same workshop that they party was heading to.

Gaining entrance to the workshop, the players discovered a Carpet of Fastidiousness. And also, a horrible secret. Prior to losing contact with the workshop, a large red crystal was housed here, which some members of House Cannith were doing experiments on. However, it seemed at some point during the research there was a horrible accident, killing quite a few members and forcing a few of them to hide in the living quarters, until insanity caused each person within the walls to attack each other or commit suicide.

Finding the treasure they were after, the party found the Shard Golem that had awakened from the experiments so many years before, a creature that was weakening the planar resistance from the Far Realm. Engaging in combat against it, the party managed to destroy it, and also destroyed any mention of the crystal and research upon it before contacting Liandra to inform her that the Workshop had been secured.

As a new day dawned, the group was called in to Gygax’s office, where he had finished preparing the Shardkey ritual.

A Night at the Theatre...

After dragging Osiris out from underneath the corpse of Rimefang, the party quickly turns their attention to what really matters: Edgar has a gray face, and is missing a nose.

Edgar, quite unhappy about the disappearance of his nostrils, quickly learned that he had the powers of a changeling. But was he one? He was very certain he wasn’t one yesterday. Or the day before for that matter. Osiris pointed out that his identity was a lie. Finn helpfully stated that the person inside was still the same. Edgar politely declined to have Finn demonstrate that his internal structure was still the same.

Setting aside their troubles, the group made their way to the Dragon Shrine, and gave it a drop of each of their blood. The altar shattered, nearly attacking Edgar and Korram with gold (“the best death one could die”), and also revealing a large dragonshard the size of which nobody had seen before.

Picking up the supposed Shardkey, Osiris felt the odd desire to travel north by north-east. However, his journey was quickly stopped by the intersection of his forehead with a wall. The party then went outside, summoning Gygax and his bugbear compatriots to finish their work with Malleon’s tomb. Gygax began preparations for a ritual that would allow them to better determine the resonance point of the Shardkey, which would not be ready for a few days.

Somewhere in the night, Rimefang’s head became mounted on the wall behind the bar at the Willowy Goat, Smith made a suit of Dragonscale armor, and Osiris made a living dragon doll out of parts of a dead dragon. Not sure if (serious) necromancy. We’ll come back to that.

During the party’s shopping foray with their new-found wealth, and trying to glean some insight for Edgar as to whether or not Changeling was sexually transmitted Korram had the misfortune of having had soup spilt on him. Horrid-smelling soup. Horrid-smelling, dinosaur training-bait soup.

Fending off the attack of velociraptors ahem, clawfoots, er, clawfeet, argh, multiple clawfoot mounts, the Sharn guards assisted getting the situation under control. Saidan Boramar made a grand appearance, quite angry that some of his own kin had used his mounts in an attempt at revenge at the party.

Impressed with how adept the group had handled their problem, Liandra D’Cannith came forward, thanking the group for their rescue of her sister Rachel the day before, and requesting that they join her at the Khavish Theatre for the opera “Stormbringer’s Demise” two days hence. They naturally accepted, and then realized that they would need some nice clothing. Except Edgar. Because, y’know, his closet is stocked. Take that as you will.

After paying a visit to Finn’s family and learning a story involving a halfing that thinks he’s a goat, a kobold hostage, and a cursed potion of invisibility, the party made their ay to the Khavis, meeting Liandra and Bookman.

But lo, they are adventurers, and they could not enjoy the quiet respite of the opera. Suddenly, interrupting the play, an Orc Druid came from off-stage, denouncing the world of magic and animated machinery (of which Korram thought that this production was simply more political than other versions), at which point the mechanical simulacrum of Stormbringer began eating the Primary Lead Half-Orc Tenor.

Swinging on ropes and chandeliers, the party was completely unable to land on their feet… except for Osiris, who somehow managed to land on the WING of a freaking GARGANTUAN dragon. After a viscous struggle, the group was able to defeat the crazed druid and disable the mechanical dragon and it’s gnomish operator.

And somehow they got PAID to take the head of the thing as a trophy. The mechanical dragon, not the gnome. That’s illegal in Sharn

Impressed with the skill of the party (and with some heart flutters for Korram’s bravery), Liandra asked if the party would be willing to investigate an old Cannith workshop in the Undercity, which Rachel had recently uncovered. As the party still had a few days before the ritual to uncover the truth about the Shardkey could be performed, they agreed, not truly knowing what they would get into…

The Hilt and Dagger

Awakened by the crier in the Crow’s Nest, our adventurers were greeted by news that Sharn was on the horizon, and, more importantly, they had free breakfast.

Meeting the Dragonborn Patrin and Heskan, they were recruited to help deliver an important scroll to Morgraive University, but Patrin died in an ambush on the docks. Being given the scroll and told it was their destiny to finish what Patrin started, the party began their investigations, unintentionally saving a Cannith heir from Boramar thugs.

Upon meeting the bugbear Gygax, they searched the Morgraive Library for clues, learning that the scroll they had was actually a page from a book that detailed the location and unlocking mechanisms for a tomb created by Malleon the Reaver.

Delving into the sewers of Sharn, the intrepid group located the forgotten tomb, and braved it’s traps, eventually coming to face the Guardian, Rimefang. After a bloody battle, more was revealed: Edgar was not human… and Osiris the Elf had a very, very sharp knife.


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