The Argonnessen Prophecies

A Night at the Theatre...

After dragging Osiris out from underneath the corpse of Rimefang, the party quickly turns their attention to what really matters: Edgar has a gray face, and is missing a nose.

Edgar, quite unhappy about the disappearance of his nostrils, quickly learned that he had the powers of a changeling. But was he one? He was very certain he wasn’t one yesterday. Or the day before for that matter. Osiris pointed out that his identity was a lie. Finn helpfully stated that the person inside was still the same. Edgar politely declined to have Finn demonstrate that his internal structure was still the same.

Setting aside their troubles, the group made their way to the Dragon Shrine, and gave it a drop of each of their blood. The altar shattered, nearly attacking Edgar and Korram with gold (“the best death one could die”), and also revealing a large dragonshard the size of which nobody had seen before.

Picking up the supposed Shardkey, Osiris felt the odd desire to travel north by north-east. However, his journey was quickly stopped by the intersection of his forehead with a wall. The party then went outside, summoning Gygax and his bugbear compatriots to finish their work with Malleon’s tomb. Gygax began preparations for a ritual that would allow them to better determine the resonance point of the Shardkey, which would not be ready for a few days.

Somewhere in the night, Rimefang’s head became mounted on the wall behind the bar at the Willowy Goat, Smith made a suit of Dragonscale armor, and Osiris made a living dragon doll out of parts of a dead dragon. Not sure if (serious) necromancy. We’ll come back to that.

During the party’s shopping foray with their new-found wealth, and trying to glean some insight for Edgar as to whether or not Changeling was sexually transmitted Korram had the misfortune of having had soup spilt on him. Horrid-smelling soup. Horrid-smelling, dinosaur training-bait soup.

Fending off the attack of velociraptors ahem, clawfoots, er, clawfeet, argh, multiple clawfoot mounts, the Sharn guards assisted getting the situation under control. Saidan Boramar made a grand appearance, quite angry that some of his own kin had used his mounts in an attempt at revenge at the party.

Impressed with how adept the group had handled their problem, Liandra D’Cannith came forward, thanking the group for their rescue of her sister Rachel the day before, and requesting that they join her at the Khavish Theatre for the opera “Stormbringer’s Demise” two days hence. They naturally accepted, and then realized that they would need some nice clothing. Except Edgar. Because, y’know, his closet is stocked. Take that as you will.

After paying a visit to Finn’s family and learning a story involving a halfing that thinks he’s a goat, a kobold hostage, and a cursed potion of invisibility, the party made their ay to the Khavis, meeting Liandra and Bookman.

But lo, they are adventurers, and they could not enjoy the quiet respite of the opera. Suddenly, interrupting the play, an Orc Druid came from off-stage, denouncing the world of magic and animated machinery (of which Korram thought that this production was simply more political than other versions), at which point the mechanical simulacrum of Stormbringer began eating the Primary Lead Half-Orc Tenor.

Swinging on ropes and chandeliers, the party was completely unable to land on their feet… except for Osiris, who somehow managed to land on the WING of a freaking GARGANTUAN dragon. After a viscous struggle, the group was able to defeat the crazed druid and disable the mechanical dragon and it’s gnomish operator.

And somehow they got PAID to take the head of the thing as a trophy. The mechanical dragon, not the gnome. That’s illegal in Sharn

Impressed with the skill of the party (and with some heart flutters for Korram’s bravery), Liandra asked if the party would be willing to investigate an old Cannith workshop in the Undercity, which Rachel had recently uncovered. As the party still had a few days before the ritual to uncover the truth about the Shardkey could be performed, they agreed, not truly knowing what they would get into…



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