The Argonnessen Prophecies

Breaching the Frostborn Ruins

We shall hold the line, Primo Victoria!

As the Order of the Crimson Ring rose from the depths, they found themselves faced with a large door, inlaid with runes of frost. Holding back the Gates of Hell, We secure our seats in Heaven, We shall hold the line, Primo Victoria Knowing that this must be a structure that housed the Gates of Madness, they used the Shardkey to open the gates, exposing something that appeared to be a large Dwarven ruin.

Venturing in to explore, the group was accosted by a group of “crazy double goblin ninjas,” or Dolgrim. Fighting back the disgusting aberrant beings and their undead pet hands, the group managed to activate the Dwarforged, Warforged-like beings that seemed to have been created by the Frostborn in their image. From them, they learned that they would need to go to the Depth Tower to access the Gate of Madness, where their creators had sealed themselves in an effort to prevent the Aberrations from escaping.

On the way, the party diverted themselves into a jail, finding the corpse of what seemed to be a Jorasco scion, further reinforced by the discovery of armor that was undoubtably of House Jorasco origin. Puzzled by this discovery (and wondering why Gelatinous Cubes were housed inside of a jail, the party moved on…

Right into a trap. It seemed that dolgrim and dolgaunts had set up camp within the Depth Tower in an attempt to secure it and be able to open it upon some type of signal… or something. It’s hard to understand what dolgrim and dolgaunt are talking about with their mad babbling. After defeating these defenders, the party set up for a night’s rest, wanting to be ready for their trek into Belashyra’s lair, and wondering about Prometheus, the supposed Guardian of the Gate…



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