The Argonnessen Prophecies

Frostfell Preparations

After watching Osris nearly drop The Ball during Gygax’s ritual to find the resonance point, the adventurers learned that the Shardkey had some sort of link to the Frostfell. Osiris then learned from his contacts that there was a piece of Draconic Prophecy that dealt with the Frostfell:

The lack of civilization in the north will herald the opening of the gates of madness. The old keepers long dead, the frostborn will pledge their allegiance to Belashyrra and his kin. For no city stands, and none shall stand, where the Eyes of Belashyrra turn.

Realizing that the Prophecy seemed to indicate that the absence of civilization might be needed for the “gates of madness” to be opened, the newly-named Order of the Crimson Ring formulated a plan: they would take the Shardkey to the frozen wastes of the Frostfell, and investigate the Prophecy, attempting to prevent whatever Belashyrra (whatever it might be) was attempting to accomplish.

However, they needed a ship, and money as well. Approaching Steel Trueheart, the group agreed to have him attempt to find a crew that would be willing to brave the dangers of the Frostfell, and went to hunt down Traven d’Lyrandar, captain of the elemental galleon Drowned Mistress. Coming to his rescue after a group of gnoll mercenaries attempted to exact revenge for his freeing a slave shipment, Traven agreed to use the trip as a way of laying low from Daask, as well as acquiring treasure.

Following one of Liandra’s leads, the Crimson Ring then moved on to meet the movers and shakers of the Sixty, who would be present for the Debutante’s Ball for her little sister Rachel. Immediately seeking out the most important man in the room, they were able to win his favor by, y’know, preventing an assassination attempt against him. After working the crowd a bit more, Finn was able to get some House Jorasco backing, and a member of the Aurum would help with some backing on the condition that he would be allowed to come with them.

Spending the next two months getting the ship, crew, and supplies ready,Edgar and Liandra celebrated the event with a formal ceremony of the Battle Brothers, giving each member of the Order a ring by which to actually show their membership.

Riding the Lightning Rail to Stormholme, the party had an auspicious event occur when their train was a target of a terrorist attack by the Order of the Emerald Claw, who were attempting to both rob and destroy the lightning rail. After dealing with most, but not all of the terrorists, the party finally arrived in Stormholme, ready to begin their journey into the Frozen North…



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