The Argonnessen Prophecies

The Hilt and Dagger

Awakened by the crier in the Crow’s Nest, our adventurers were greeted by news that Sharn was on the horizon, and, more importantly, they had free breakfast.

Meeting the Dragonborn Patrin and Heskan, they were recruited to help deliver an important scroll to Morgraive University, but Patrin died in an ambush on the docks. Being given the scroll and told it was their destiny to finish what Patrin started, the party began their investigations, unintentionally saving a Cannith heir from Boramar thugs.

Upon meeting the bugbear Gygax, they searched the Morgraive Library for clues, learning that the scroll they had was actually a page from a book that detailed the location and unlocking mechanisms for a tomb created by Malleon the Reaver.

Delving into the sewers of Sharn, the intrepid group located the forgotten tomb, and braved it’s traps, eventually coming to face the Guardian, Rimefang. After a bloody battle, more was revealed: Edgar was not human… and Osiris the Elf had a very, very sharp knife.



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