The Argonnessen Prophecies

Undercity again...

Recovering from their night fighting a colossal mechanical dragon in an operahouse, the party awoke within the Willowy Goat to find Steel Trueheart awaiting them. He presented himself as the founder of the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild, and asked if the intrepid group would like to join their ranks. After being politely declined, he left on good terms, leaving the group to prepare for their expedition into the Undercity in search of the Cannith Workshop.

Meeting with Liandra and Rachel, they were introduced to their guide, Kevin Rethor d’Cannith, who was tasked with getting the party safely to the cannith workshop. However, his brave front quickly lead to peed robes when a pair of cave fishers and kruthiks attacked the party, dangling the Halfing and the Rogue as if they were a nice tasty treat.

Fending off the attack, the party was able to safely navigate the rest of the way to the Cannith Workshop, until they came across bodies of Karrnathi soldiers. Which, Edgar poked with a stick. Cue undead. Luckily, for some reason the undead were all just lying down, so the party made quick work of the sorry lot, wondering what Karrnathi zombies, especially remotely-controlled ones, were doing in the depths of Sharn. With a Beshyk weapon. With orders to retrieve dragonshards from the same workshop that they party was heading to.

Gaining entrance to the workshop, the players discovered a Carpet of Fastidiousness. And also, a horrible secret. Prior to losing contact with the workshop, a large red crystal was housed here, which some members of House Cannith were doing experiments on. However, it seemed at some point during the research there was a horrible accident, killing quite a few members and forcing a few of them to hide in the living quarters, until insanity caused each person within the walls to attack each other or commit suicide.

Finding the treasure they were after, the party found the Shard Golem that had awakened from the experiments so many years before, a creature that was weakening the planar resistance from the Far Realm. Engaging in combat against it, the party managed to destroy it, and also destroyed any mention of the crystal and research upon it before contacting Liandra to inform her that the Workshop had been secured.

As a new day dawned, the group was called in to Gygax’s office, where he had finished preparing the Shardkey ritual.



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