Charged Item Rules


Charged Items works as follows:

Charged items cannot be bought. House Cannith, as part of the Treaty of Thronehold, cannot legally make any more. These items exist, as they were very prevalent in the Last War, but nobody wants to risk selling them for violating the Treaty of Thronehold

Charged items that use At-Will powers are Common, Encounters are Uncommon, Dailies are Rare.

Charged items have a level equal to the power they use. I.E. Fireball is a level 5 item.

Common items are found with 5d10 charges, Uncommon with 3d10, and Rares with just 1d10.

Commons can be used at-will. Uncommons are once per encounter, but can be re-activated by spending an action point to use it instead of getting another action. Rares can be used once per day, but can be re-activated by spending an action point instead of getting another action.

When a charged item is fully consumed, it is no longer magical, and can be broken into residuum equal to the gold value of the sale price of the item. 20%/50%/100%.

Rolling a 1 when using a charged item for an attack roll means that it consumes three charges instead of one for the use.


Charged Item Rules

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