Alignment and the Issues it causes

So, here’s my thoughts on alignment.

I don’t like restricting alignment. I think that’s unfair. If you want to play a character that’s sometimes a jerk, whatever.

However, I have often noticed a tendency between people who want to play jerk PCs to actually be jerk people playing PCs.

If you choose an Evil alignment, this is the interpretation that I expect you to take:

  1. You are not adventuring for any grand design, except to make yourself more famous/wealthy/powerful. You don’t do it for the good of the land, you do it because it fills your pocket and gets people in your debt.
  2. You are not above violent means to get the job done, but will not resort to it as the first means of getting an objective. Yes, you can murder that NPC, but then you’ll have the guard after you.
  3. You understand the value of having other adventurers who trust you. You can take on jobs with them that you couldn’t do yourself.

Here are behaviors that I specifically will NOT tolerate in my game:

  • Stealing/attacking(*)/harming other Player Characters. This game isn’t about you in particular. It is about a group of adventurers coming together and overcoming obstacles and being heroes. It’s okay if you’re selfish heroes. But not backstabbing ones. Unless you’re playing a thief. You get my point.

(*)Within reason. If you are thunderbursting, and there is no way to avoid the fighter, that’s one thing. Just don’t make it a lasting habit.
*No “gotcha” PCs. By this, I mean that I don’t want anybody playing a PC that you’re going to come to me as a DM and say “hey, I’d like for my PC to be the Big Bad.” If you happen to tire of your entire character, we will find an elegant way for him/her/it to exit the campaign.
*No “But that’s what my alignment would do!” If your only justification for a character’s action is “I’m staying true to my alignment,” I have news for you. Alignment is a guideline written on paper, not commandments etched in stone. The PCs don’t know what alignment is, and therefore it is not a proper motivation.
*As an extension of the previous point, no random murdering of NPCs. If your character concept requires you to be a mass murderer or something, and that’s all you want to play, I’m sorry, but this isn’t the right table for you. It’s one thing to torture a captive officer for information, it’s another to murder the town guard because you want his +1 sword to sell.

In short
I might be drifting this way and that, but I hope my intention is clear. Please make characters that everyone will have fun playing with, not just yourself.

Alignment and the Issues it causes

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