Deities in Eberron

The Deities in Eberron are a bit confusing, but correspond to the “established” pantheon of classic 4e.

Here is a list of the Eberron pantheon, and their “domains”
Sovereign Host – Worship of the following gods, considered lawful good, as a whole.
Arawai- Agriculture, fertility, and natural resources/bounty (Pelor-ish) (Good)
Aureon- Knowledge, law, arcane lore, and magic (Ioun). (Neutral)
Balinor- Beasts, the hunt, cycle of life (Melora)(Neutral)
Boldrei- Community, home, hearth. (Good)
Dol Arrah- Light, honor, selflessness, military strategy, fighting evil (Bahamut)(Good)
Dol Dorn- Courage, physical strength, war (Kord)(Neutral)
Kol Korran- Wealth, trade, commerce (Neutral)
Olladra- Luck, success, chance (Tymora)(Good)
Onatar- Forge, fire, industry, and craft (Moradin) (Neutral

Dark Six – While these gods are considered evil, most of Khorvaire will give some acknowledgement to these gods, if not worshipping one or all of them.
The Traveler – God of misdirection, change, cunning, and deception (Neutral)
The Devourer- Storm, flood, famine, nature’s wrath and violent seas (Chaotic Evil)
The Fury- Wrath, passion, vengeance (Chaotic Evil)
The Keeper- Gluttonly, greed, necromancy (Evil)
The Mockery- Violence, betrayal, dishonorable victory, love of carnage (Evil)
The Shadow- Ambition, dark magic, necromancy (Evil)

Silver Flame- State religion of Thrane. Lawful good, represents protection, generosity, destruction of evil and unnatural.

Path of Light – Religion of Kalashtar. Lawful good, represents light, progress, self-improvement, freedom.

Elven Religions – These religions are restricted to Elves that are not natural natives of Khorvaire.
The Undying Court – Elves who have proven wise and too valuable to die have undergone some necromantic procedure to turn them into intelligent undead, which continue to advise all elves.
Spirits of the Past – Typically practiced by the more militant elves, belief in reincarnation of soul, and that one should emulate the ancestor that was assigned to them at their birth.

Warforged Relgions – These religions are restricted in membership to Warforged.
Lord of Blades – The only thing certain about the warforged who is the eponymous leader is his intense charismatic ability to draw warforged into his view of hating the humans that created them.
Becoming God – A warforged sect devoted to creating their own god, as they have no god to actually claim as their own.

Deities in Eberron

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