For 4th Edition Newbies

This page is intended for people who are either new 4th edition, but have played other editions, or people who are completely new to D&D entirely.

Best Book to Have:
As a player, I would recommend that you have read or have access to the book called Rules Compendium . This single, $20 book gives the overarching rules for 4th edition, and is EXTREMELY simple to understand, and a very quick reference.

However, if you choose not to get it, that’s cool: I can teach the game as we play.

Another HEAVY recommendation I would have is a subscription to Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons Insider. You can sign up for it by going to this page .

DDI gets you the following:
1. Access to Online Character Builder, which allows you to create characters with ANY PUBLISHED race, class, feats, powers, magical items, what have you. This is a great resource in and of itself.
2. Compendium: This is a go-to online source for rules, monster stats, anything published, really.
3. Monster Builder: Like the character builder, but for the monsters.
4. Access to Dungeon and Dragon online magazine content.

If you choose not to use DDI, I will expect you to have/be able to access the books you need for character creation. Note: Buying a copy of Player’s Handbook 1 costs as much as getting DDI for 4 months. I really can’t stress enough how much easier it is to play the game with the tools, partially because it’s such a deal mechanics-wise, and also for ease of access.

Other than that, I would suggest getting a copy of the Eberron Player’s guide, but I’m not going to force anybody to buy books they don’t want to buy, obviously.

For 4th Edition Newbies

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