Prophecy Fragments

The following are prophecy fragments recovered by the party

By the ancient spirit’s rites,
the old ghosts proclaim their rights,
still they’re lost in time.

Runes of a long forgotten time,
ancient spells in endless rhymes,
soon the other world appears,
where the ghostly river wanders.

In higher lights they seem to drown,
they hold the key, but not the crown.

As the bear cries in misery,
the tower roads will open,
death and madness await,
and shall come to the tower.

The lack of civilization in the north will herald the opening of the gates of madness. The old keepers long dead, the frostborn will pledge their allegiance to Belashyrra and his kin. For no city stands, and none shall stand, where the Eyes of Belashyrra turn.

Prophecy Fragments

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