What is Eberron

People sometimes ask, what is different about Eberron, and what to expect. I can’t truly answer that, because each Eberron game is different depending on what the players choose to do. But here are a few scenes from prior campaigns I’ve done that will give you the idea of what Eberron is.

Eberron is fighting on top of a magical train, dodging fireballs while going 40 miles an hour (literally).

Eberron is realizing that the shipments of dragonshards that were delivered into the city have been used to make a magical bomb to destroy a tower in the city… and it’s right in front of you.

Eberron is fighting a dragon on deck while in an elemental airship during an arial naval battle.

Eberron is finding out that the recent murders in the area have something to do with the appearance of the Thranish Ambassador to Breland.

Eberron is negotiating a peace treaty with a Mind Flayer general of Droaam.

Eberron is warding off an attack of dinosaur-riding halfling wizards.

Eberron is dealing with racial conflicts between humans who want to destroy all warforged, and the warforged who want to be left alone, but are able to defend themselves.

Honestly, I don’t know why I like running Eberron games. I just know I like running them.

What is Eberron

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