Khyen watched.
He watched as he always did, paying attention to the clouds in the sky, the etches in the sand, the cresting of the waves, the rumble of the earth.
It has been nearly two millenia since the Prophecy began to be written on the flesh of the lesser races, the last of which had been a continual bloodbath. Yet, Khyen watched, patiently waiting for the sign that would move him into action.
Four years after Khorvaire had a cloud of death descend upon it, Khyen finally saw the signs he had been anticipating for over eight hundred years.
A great bellow erupted from from his throat, and he watched as the ship let loose from it’s moorings, carrying the required artifact to it’s place.
Khyen silently whispered a prayer to Olladra, and returned to watching.
Now, after all these years, could he finally begin to hope?

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The Argonnessen Prophecies

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