The Argonnessen Prophecies

A Dryads and Eels and Bears, oh My!

Having made their way back to camp from collecting Dragonshards and making sure the encampment was secure, the Crimson Ring began to venture out to the east, following up a rumor they had heard about the spring supposedly lying somewhere to the east.

Near the end of their first day, they were attacked by a frost dryad, angered by their trespass into her lands. After the party defeated a living snow cyclone that she had harnessed as well as nearly killing her, Edgar gave her an ultimatum: stop her attack and they would save her life. She agreed, putting herself into debt for the actions of the group. She agreed to guide the group to the Spring of Bastinor, or, rather, as far as she could lead them without crossing what she called the barrier. Not fully trusting the dryad, who had changed her shape to that of a comely elf, the group suggested Osiris take first watch, as he could rest alert. The rest of the group awoke to find the dryad smiling and Osiris smoking a fat cigar. Leading the group the rest of the way to the spring, she took her leave, telling them “I now have what I want.”

Once the group began investigating, they saw exactly what she meant about the barrier: somehow, inside of the cave the spring was in, there was a large rock that had a strange magical property: the closer water got to it, the hotter it got, until the water completely evaporated into steam. After taking some painstaking measures to lift the rock out, the cave began to fill up with the magical water of the spring of Bastinor.

After a brief disagreement on what to do with the rock, the Order decided to take it back to the village. Unfortunately, a rock that melts snow has a bit of unintended consequences when driving through the Frostfel. Fighting off a pair of dire bears whose home they accidentally melted, and then collecting their newly born cubs and finishing their journey.

After spending a bit of time to recuperate, the group then set back out to the Bastinor spring, diving into the depths to see what else they could find. After encountering a few dangerous and very feisty electrical eels, the group discovered a body of an orc, decomposed entirely into a skeleton, as well as the treasure she was carrying. Rising from the water, they were greeted by the sight of a massive door in the distance, inscribed with Dwarven runes…



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